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          Progress and challenges in blocked impurity band infrared detectors for space-based astronomy

          Yunlong Xiao  He Zhu  Ke Deng  Peng Wang  Qing Li  Ting He  Tao Zhang  Jinshui Miao  Ning Li  Wei Lu  Ning Dai  Weida Hu  
          【摘要】:Astronomical detection at infrared wavelengths is crucial in astrophysics due to the critical information in this wavelength range.Blocked impurity band(BIB) infrared detectors are desirable for space-based astronomical observation due to their broad response range, low dark currents, high quantum efficiencies, and excellent radiation resistance. In this review, typical BIB device structures and device physics development are first introduced. Subsequently, we discuss progress in Si-based BIB detectors with different doping types and emphasize their applications in space-based infrared detection. Additionally, we discuss recent efforts on pixel performance optimization, response extension, and higher operating temperature devices. Finally,we conclude by proposing the challenges and perspectives of BIB detectors with improved detection performances.

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